My name is Helen Cartwright, and I am the leader of this wonderful group of people.

Integrity New Zealand has formed during the most incredible of times.
And we’re now looking for the most incredible of outcomes.
And believe this is possible, because we’re fighting for the most incredible issues.

As you will see in the months to come, we’re a band of ordinary folk, but we are committed individuals and we are passionate about creating better outcomes for New Zealand.

Integrity New Zealand has a vision is to guide our country toward an environmentally conscious future which harnesses innovation, establishes kaiakitanga for our environment, and prioritises wellbeing within ALL of our communities.

Governments matter.
Elections matter.
Your vote matters.

We can lead the way and build bold new green initiatives that respect the treasure that is our precious Aotearoa, create opportunities jobs and restore savings – but also give communities their voice, and give people back their dignity.

Please join us for the ride.