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Support Troy in Rongotai

You can support Troy’s election campaign in Rongotai, because now more than ever New Zealand needs the voice of Integrity in parliament.

The Te Aro Transporter

Doing the same thing never works.
Check out our community sourced plan for combining the Mount Victoria Tunnel and Te Aro Tunnel, to improve livabilitiy in our city.
Created with input from the community.

Troy Mihaka is one of the founders of Integrity New Zealand, he was elected as our Deputy Leader and is our Candidate for Rongotai.

New Zealand’s environment is special and unique. Not only is it the home of our native species, but our environment is also home to all of our 5 million people. Our environment is New Zealand’s favourite playground, and our biggest tourist attraction.
But our environment is at risk, and needs our help.

We started the Integrity Party to bring New Zealand something new. A way to shift our community thinking out of the past and into our future. Addressing the issues facing New Zealanders on an everyday basis, by focusing on the science and the realities of our present.

Integrity NZ aims to reconnect our economy with our people, to ensure that our people are prioritised. Integrity NZ aims to ensure that our environment is protected and our native species join our people in the future.

New Zealand was once a world leader in our politics. The first to give women the vote, the first to establish guaranteed native peoples’ participation in our Government. But New Zealand has lost its way.

As a member of both the Māori and the LGBTQ+ communities, everyday I see discrimination in many different forms. I aim to ensure that future generations are not affected by discrimination in this way, I aim to ensure that every New Zealander can participate to the fullest in our society.

COVID-19 has changed our nation, and the world around us. As we rebuild our economy, we have the ability to change our focus towards what matters most. Reorganising our economy to mutually benefit New Zealand. A focus on our people and our communities, and creating a welcoming society.

A Wellington based Arts Manager, working to support the Wellington Performing Arts Industry. I am passionate about New Zealand culture and the development of the Arts industry. With a background in Tourism, having run a small tour company in Wellington, I am passionate about New Zealand and our unique world position

Born in Dunedin and from a Ngārauru background. I am also a descendant of some of New Zealand’s earliest Scottish settlers, and Swiss immigrants.


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Queer Men Want to Give Blood.
Queer Men Want to Save Lives.

In April, Troy launched this petition to change the blood donation regulations in New Zealand.
Requiring queer men to wait 12 months to donate blood is both nonsensical and discriminatory.
Join us by adding your name to the petition.


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