A Commitment to Success

Helen Cartwright is one of the founders of Integrity New Zealand, she was elected as our Party Leader and is our Candidate for Mana.

With a background in Business and Cleantech, Helen is determined we must take the opportunity we have post Covid 19 to change the status quo.

“We are the new custodians of our precious New Zealand Environment. We know it’s the economy which both empowers and underwrites the environmental investments we need to protect our New Zealand. Now is the time to invest in our kiwi entrepreneurs, to shift the focus, and to live up to our Clean, Green reputation.”

Integrity New Zealand has brought together some exceptionally talented people, with genuine motivation to create change, at the perfect time and Helen is optimistic about the possibilities. “Integrity New Zealand has formed during the most incredible of  times. And we’re now looking for the most incredible of outcomes. And believe this is possible, because we’re fighting for the most incredible issues.”

Outside of politics Helen is a typical busy Mum of two. Originally from Manchester, Wellington became home in 1998 and she has been an avid follower of New Zealand politics ever since.

She enjoyed a private sector career winning many awards for her business and charity endeavours. But it was the arrival of her daughter which prompted her to make a change and create something which would make an environmental impact. She founded a successful Cleantech company in 2008, which she sold in 2014.

Helen now runs multiple businesses, she mentors, coaches and consults to Government. “It’s a privilege to be able to help people as my day job, there’s nothing more rewarding in life”.

Helen has always been active in supporting her local community. “You only have to look my local community pages in Porirua to see the current system isn’t working for our families, we need to become far better at allowing all our people to live with dignity.”

You can support Helen’s campaign for the Mana electorate
and ensure we take the voices of Integrity into Parliament in 2020 by clicking below.

Because now more than ever we need to ensure our people, our environment and our communities are given the voice they so desperately need. 


You can follow Helen’s campaign on social – it’s become more important than ever in our Covid World.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tipanzhelen

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/helen-cartwright-933953/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/tnh_nz

Mana Campaign –  https://helencartwright.co.nz

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