The Te Aro Transporter

Integrity New Zealand has been talking about transport with our community. We recognise that residents want to see a more livable city, free of the current traffic problems.

The current plans to duplicate the Mount Victoria Tunnel may not solve our traffic problems. Traffic will continue to be slowed at choke points including the State Highway 1 Traffic Lights and the Basin Reserve.

Integrity New Zealand proposes an alternative option.

The current plan from Let’s Get Wellington Moving calls for the creation of a new tunnel underneath Te Aro. We propose this tunnel be extended under the Basin Reserve and Mount Victoria all the way to Evans Bay.

Taking the traffic underground would remove the bottlenecks in Te Aro and Hataitai entirely, while also reducing the congestion at the Basin. Additional tunnel entrances on Adelaide Road and Kent/Cambridge Terrace could also be included. This would allow for traffic from the Southern Suburbs and Eastern CBD to join State Highway 1 without the need to travel through the CBD.

This reduction in traffic will have a proactive effect on the livelihood of residents in this area. It would create more space for pedestrians and cyclists. More room for planned public transport improvements, and create safety for residents along the current route.

A tunnel boring machine would keep this construction cost effective, much like Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel. While Waterview is 2.4km in length, we estimate the Te Aro Transporter to be 2.8km, but without the added hazard of the water filled harbour.

Construction of the Waterview Tunnel came at a cost of $1.4billion. Other parties are proposing that the construction of both Wellington tunnels would cost around $1.5 billion. For a similar cost, we could have an option that would improve our traffic issues both in Wellington and Rongotai.

To get Wellington moving, we need to think creatively. Build it once, and build it right.

Bore Drilled Tunnel stretching 2.8km from Terrace Tunnel (Karo Drive) to Evans Bay (Evans Bay Parade). Additional Entrances for Adelaide Road and Kent/Cambridge Terrace.

Estimated Cost:
$1.5 billion, using funding currently intended for new Te Aro and Mount Victoria Tunnels.

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