For the last 10+ years waste management has been nothing more than a huge inconvenience to successive governments.

Statistics currently show that between 10 and 20% of our plastics are actually recycled.
Our recycling sector is run by a Chinese owned duopoly, and commercial landfill data is based on self reporting – “Honest Mate, it was all for the landfill!” – well we say Yeah, Na. Enough is enough!

Integrity New Zealand demands an overhaul of our entire waste industry.

Starting at the border where we import the plastic which is made into bottles, wrappers and tubs which end up in our streams and rivers.

We want a Commissioner for Waste appointed with authority to police, if necessary penalise, to ensure we are managing our waste, and most importantly maximising the opportunity to radicalise this neglected sector and bring about profitable change that benefits all New Zealanders, and of course, shows more respect to our precious environment.

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