Mental Health in Aotearoa New Zealand is still not taken seriously. Hauroa means more than just our physical well-being, it also means the health of our wairua.
Our country has some of the highest suicide and rates of mental illness the need for a strong mental health system.

At present, mental health services provided to Kiwis are provided only when issues have become problems. Providing help this way sometimes means it’s already too late.
COVID-19 has been tough on all of us, so let’s give Kiwis the support they need to rebuild properly.

In our communities, there is still a negative stigma attached to seeking help. Minority groups and Men are all at risk due to this negative stigma, leading to higher rates of suicide and mental health issues.

Integrity New Zealand wants to see Free Mental Health Services for all Kiwis, for the next two years. We also want to see ongoing funding for preventative care, such as counselling psycho-therapy.

Being able to talk to someone should be a normal part of Kiwi life. Let’s end the stigma around seeking help.