Aotearoa New Zealand is fortunate to be home to a large number of unique native species.
Our Kea and Kiwi are perfect examples. But with only a few thousand birds remaining, both these national symbols are at risk of disappearing forever.

Integrity New Zealand will ensure protection is available for all our precious taonga species.
We will support our local community predator-free groups in their mission to raise awareness, to ensure a future for our unique native species.

• We will protect our waterways and oceans, using newly available technology to remove and recycle plastic.

• We will protect our UNESCO World Heritage Areas and ensure Conservation Land remains untouched for all to enjoy.

• We will support Regional Councils and Iwi in the fight against wilding pines and other invasive plants, and provide incentives for our forestry industry to begin the shift towards planting native timbers.

• We will work with animal welfare agencies to promote responsible pet ownership, and tackle the problem of feral animals.

• We will invest in genetic research to diversify our ways of controlling the invasive species who have been brought to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Protecting our native taonga animals and plants is a key priority of Integrity New Zealand.