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This is your opportunity to be the first to know – with our regular communications about policy releases, and our fortnightly updates, as a member you can also take part in policy discussions, have your say in candidate selections, attend local and nationwide events and even run for office at any level.

As always, our only mandatory requirement is a passion for Aotearoa New Zealand 🙂


We have a big job to do, and in the race to Election 2020, we have a short amount of time to do it in!

If you are able to make a donation, please be assured your contribution will be put hard to work to make sure Integrity makes the biggest possible impact on the New Zealand political landscape.


Whether your passion is people, environment or policy there is a role you can play in our team in the run to Election 2020.

Our only mandatory requirement is a passion for Aotearoa New Zealand 🙂 

Find out how you can get involved and start making a difference. We have systems and support in place across the country.

When we work together, magic happens.


It’s time for Action. Is it your time too?

Integrity New Zealand is here to pave the way to change in the lives of our whanau, our environment, our societies.
And the more voices we have, the better.

We embrace diversity, and we seek passion.

The application commits you to nothing more than a conversation, to seee if we can work together to get a better result for Aotearoa in Election 2020.
So what are you waiting for…


Thank you for your interest in Integrity New Zealand.
If you have a question, comment, a brilliant ideal or would simply like to get in touch, please submit a comment here.

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