We’re here to make sure that our government and our economy works for you, your whānau and our beautiful country


Three Simple Priorities

Integrity – Hauora – Equality

Our Economy, our Environment and our People are not separate issues. We need to work together to create a healthy future for all New Zealand.

Aotearoa New Zealand needs to lift it’s game. Now…

We are here to advocate for the people of Aotearoa New Zealand;
To be the voice for those who are not heard, 
To be the champion of our brave business owners,
To be the kaitiakitanga of our precious environment,
To protect our precious native species. 


The Stakes are High

Aotearoa New Zealand is famous the world over for our ‘Clean Green’ and ‘100% Pure’ image. It’s time for our Government’s actions to reflect that public image.

The environment is more than a luxury tourist attraction, it’s where our people live, work and play.

We’ve seen the devastating effect over the past 150 years, it’s time to give back to Papatūānuku.


Haoura is Basic Right

Hauora means health and wellbeing, all parts of our nation working together as one.

Aotearoa New Zealand has a problem with poverty and homelessness, and a dismal record for child poverty, domestic violence and mental health care.

Integrity New Zealand prioritises wellbeing within our communities, we want to see policy which creates long term sustainable change, and a lift for our most vulnerable citizens.


A Commitment to Diversity

Integrity New Zealand has deep roots in many communities. And we know, whilst we frequently celebrate New Zealand’s diversity – the reality of living in a minority can be far from the ‘Kiwi Dream’.

It’s time to make sure we are living up to the promises of our Bill of Rights, and creating the fair and equal opportunities that all kiwis are entitled to. 


What do you think needs to happen?
We want to hear from you, tell us how we can best help
New Zealand.



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